Monday, April 12, 2010

Discontinuing the 'Edgy Feminine' Line

After some long consideration, I have decided it would be best for my business and for my customers to discontinue my Edgy Feminine Line. This is the line of vintage inspired jewelry sold through my Etsy Shop.


There are several reasons for this decision. The main one being that it is the least popular of my three lines. I get a lot more sales from my other two lines (Sweet Treats and Alice in Wonderland). Many people have a much stronger response to these other lines as well. Also, the other two lines are original to me. Yes, others make Alice and Sweets inspired jewelry, but both collections have unique attributes and styles that my customers seem to really enjoy. Discontinuing the Edgy Feminine Line will also allow me to really focus on Alice and Sweet Treats. I want to give all of my customers and fans a more dynamic selection and higher quality product in both lines, and I think this will happen once I allow myself to focus.

To sum up, I will no longer be designing or producing items for this collection. The ones that are left in my etsy shop will have a free worldwide shipping promotion on them until they sell. So if you want to grab up these last pieces please do so soon. I will have them marked down by tomorrow.

What do you think about this decision? I want to hear your opinions good or bad! 

xo Aubree


  1. :O

    Okay you said why. But I really love your Edgy Feminine line! I'm sorry you decided to stop making jewelry in this one. Anyway I'm going to hop over to your Etsy store. I love those globes! Are they resin? :)

  2. You know how it is! It's so hard just to get good at doing one thing, I was trying to do three. And I don't want to be just good, I want to be great :) hehe

    But anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm going to edit things to have free shipping by tomorrow

    The Globes are plastic, but I didn't make them. I bought them from another Etsy Shop.


  3. Thanks so much, glad you like it. If you want it, I still have it in my Etsy shop with free shipping!