Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laduree + Fauchon Macarons

Arguably macarons are one of the cutest desserts around. I had always been obsessed with cupcakes, which are cute without a doubt, but several years ago I discovered the macaron while browsing the internet. But I had never tried one before or even seen one in person. Here, in New Mexico, they are not very common. The first one I tried was about a year ago from a place here called the Grove, a small cafe and bakery which also makes delicious cupcakes. 

I had become inspired by the macaron from the first time I saw them and even more so after tasting them. I created my first macaron charm made from polymer clay over a year ago. I continue to perfect my charms and hope to create new macaron charms soon. As I look to perfect a charm, I usually research pictures from the internet for reference and Inspiration. Overwhelmingly the most popular and beautiful pictures of macarons I found were from a place called Laduree. I browsed their website and was captivated by the beautiful interiors and pastries.

Ever since then I have wanted to go to Paris just to see Laduree. A few months ago my Mom told me she was going on a trip to Paris with my dad. I sent her on a macaron hunt for me. She brought me back macarons from both Laduree and Fauchon (which several locals claimed is much better than Laduree). I tried one from each before snapping pictures.

The box from Laduree that my macarons came in, isn't it gorgeous?

The yummy macarons (there were 6 in there). I can't remember the flavors since I haven't tried them yet!

The macarons from Fauchon. There were also 6 in this box before I ate one :)

I think that the packaging alone on the Laduree Macarons makes them better, but I am a sucker for anything pink and floral, girly and sweet. The other cool thing about the package is it is sturdy and could be used over and over for any number of things. My mom chose the packaging for me, she knows me so well! The flavor I tried was Mimosa (a new one I'm told). I have to say I wasn't a huge fan. It was very floral and reminded me a little of fancy soap. But I'm not sure this is any indication of the quality, just not my favorite flavor.

The Fauchon macarons are beautiful. I like their simple packaging that shows off the macarons, but I do miss all the girlyness the Laduree package has. Plus, you really cannot use this one over again. The flavor I tried was chocolate. Just chocolate cookies with ganache. Since I'm a chocoholic, it was amazing! I'll have to compare the chocolate from Laduree when I try it next.

Just wanted to share my macaron experience with you. What do you think of macarons? Like them, dislike them? Never heard of them?

xo Aubree


  1. ahh! i saw a post on macarons one time
    and immediately wanted to try them too.
    the blogger told me they have some at
    trader joe's! they only have vanilla &
    chocolate in the box, but they're really
    good (and cheap too!).

    i went to paris last month on a school
    trip and wanted to try their macarons so badly
    but couldn't find any :P well, i did, but
    they were like 32 euro for a box.

    i think they're so cute though!
    and i love how the ones your mom got
    you came in such pretty colors. :D


  2. Yeah, I saw some at Trader Joes a while back. I tried them and they aren't too bad. I just wish they came in more flavors, especially since I'm not a huge vanilla fan!

    Ooh you lucky girl. I have never been to Paris. Did you have a good time? I didn't even ask how much these cost, but I'm sure they weren't cheap!

    The colors are really pretty, but I think I almost passed out when I saw the pretty box! Lol yeah I'm crazy :)


  3. I think macarons are so pretty, but I've never tried them (I didn't know they were at Trader Joe's- a trip over there is in order now!). My older daughter went to Paris last month... I know she was going to look for them, but I guess she didn't get around to buying any... :(

    That box *is* adorable. :)

  4. They are pretty, I think that's what drew me to them first. They have them in the frozen section. Just thaw and serve!

    Maybe she just ate some while she was there. My mom said she tried a lot. She tried one from each place she saw them and she said they were everywhere.


  5. I've never had a macaroon, I'm not sure where to get them around here...
    Yours look so delicious and the packaging is so so cute!