Sunday, June 13, 2010

Studio Sunday + Random Cute Stuff

Today I worked on some new Alice Jewelry in my studio. I made a bunch of Alice pendants for necklaces and earrings. A couple weeks ago I introduced black and white illustrations to my collection. Some of these are a new black and white cheshire cat pendant that I'm going to be adding to my Etsy Shop soon. These pendants haven't been sealed or drilled yet. Once they are, they'll be made into jewelry and photographed for listing. There is also a new color pendant for the collection of Alice and the Garden of Live Flowers. It's so cute and is my new favorite! (I'll have to make one for me)

A couple of days ago I was also in my studio working on some new polymer clay charms. Some have been since put up for sale and others are still a work in progress.

Now some random cute stuff I thought I would share! My two hello kitty plushies which I love (my brother tells me I'm too old for hello kitty but what does he know?!) And my collection of Harajuku Lovers perfume (of course mostly just purchased for the dolls) ;)

Hope you all have a great Sunday! I hope to have the FFD June Newsletter sent out in a few days so look out for that.

xo Aubree

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  1. love the dolls in the last photo!!!!
    so diferrent!!