Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Jewelry Giveaway: Eat Me Cake Necklace

Today is the official start of the FFD July Giveaway. I have been overwhelmed with response to my new Alice in Wonderland Collection and in particular to my Eat Me Cake Necklace. So I thought what is better than giving one away this month?? Best part is, if you win, you get to choose which version you want! Don't forget to read the rules below and enter before next Monday, the 19th.

How to enter:
1) Visit the FFD Website or Etsy Shop, linked in the right column. 
2) Find your favorite item and feature it in your blog, twitter, FaceBook, add to your Flickr page, DeviantArt Journal etc and link to the item. Basically you can use any social network tool you want. 
3) Send me a link to the feature in a comment here.
4) If you use Facebook, please take a Screenshot of the feature since many of you have privacy settings that block me from viewing. Send your screenshot to aubree at Please do this in addition to your comment here. Thanks!
5) Leave your email address with your comment. This step is optional, but makes sure I have a way to contact you if you win.

Entries Due next Monday, July 19th! I will randomly choose a winner on July 19th and announce it here that dayYou must check here next Monday to see if you won. Anyone is free to enter, please do so between now and July 19th. Once a winner is chosen I will need that person's shipping address. If I do not receive your address within one week of July 19th, you will forfeit your prize. Please send your shipping address to aubree at Good Luck!

xo Aubree


  1. Super cute!!! I love everything from your etsy site, but my favorites are these:

    I made a post on my blog about your Etsy store and giveaway! :)

    Thanks for such a sweet giveaway (pun intended, hehe)

    -Christina <3


  2. teehee, thankies for the giveaway this month ^w^

    i sent you my screen shot of my fb
    but here's the link anyway:!/profile.php?id=1117181633

    my email is

  3. Ooo, nice! I do love them charms ...

    Put a link in my DA journal



    Blog post advertisement!! :p Sadly, it probably won't get you that much publicity. Lol.

  5. my favourite item at the moment:

    I featured it on my Twitter:

  6. Your shop is wonderful as ever, my current favourite is Kawaii Pudding cameo necklace
    I've feauterd your shop on my Twitter

  7. I may die if I win... they're so adorable! ^__^
    I featured your Alice In Wonderland teacup on my Tumblr! (I have a thing for teacups ^^)

    ...And I think that gets sent to my Twitter automatically as well, though it usually takes an hour or two XD
    Hope it gets you some more fans! =D

    Oh, and my email is

  8. I love love love! here's my feature:

  9. everything on your etsy sight is so cute ~

    i made a journal post on my gaia.

  10. I put it as my MSN status! Emailing you the screenshot right now!


    I couldn't resist!

  12. Thanks everyone for entering and taking the time to do all of the lovely features! <3

  13. I posted about it on my FB and emailed you the screen shot :)

    My email :

  14. this girl is copying your stuff: