Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alice Cameos - Preview II

This is the second preview of a new design I have been working on and I LOVE how these ones turned out! More than likely I will be selling these soon as necklace pendants on fun colored ball chains. I'm thinking about having color options of gunmetal, gold, pink, and red (maybe mint too). I also got a suggestion from several people to make them into pins, so I think I will make a couple of those too and see how they sell.

For now I just decided to do the White Rabbit and Alice. I definitely will be doing more characters in the future. Overall I love the girly, vintage-inspired, lolita style of the pendants. Another idea I had was to add some micro-fine glitter to the finish. I tried it on a test pendant and it is so cute. That might be an option if people like the idea.

What do you think of them? 


  1. I love them! I think they are very unique, and how they look just like the drawings in the book.

  2. Thanks so much! I use the original Tenniel illustrations and edit them to make them bolder. What do you think about the colored ball chains?