Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Changes Planned for FFD

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about improving the FFD website. A few weeks ago I ran several poles on my DeviantArt account asking people their opinions about could be improved with the website to make it more customer friendly. Most people said more ways to pay and more variety. People also liked the idea of customizing their own Sweet Treats Jewelry.

I have decided that I want to completely overhaul the FFD website. I am going to change the site to a Yahoo Webstore, which would allow for improvements in all areas that people critiqued, including being able to pay with a credit card without using Paypal, better looking site, being able to use coupon codes in the shopping cart and more. There are also a lot of benefits for me. I would be able to easily track inventory, sales, discounts would not have to be done manually, easier listing of new products, and better organization and categories. It would also take me much less time to list new items, meaning..(drumroll please).. MORE VARIETY! The website will still be dedicated to my hand sculpted polymer clay sweet treats jewelry, but with a twist, which I am not going to reveal until closer to the unveiling of the new site. So you will just have to wait eagerly! I hope that by May the new website will be up and running.

There will also be a few changes coming to the FFD Etsy Shop. I have realized that my Alice in Wonderland collection is loved by many so I will therefore be dedicating my entire Etsy shop to this collection soon. This means a lot more variety within the Alice line and a cohesiveness to the shop. I will not be listing any more Edgy Feminine Jewelry so that I can really focus on and perfect the Alice line. Other than custom orders, any new items listed will be Alice in Wonderland related. I hope this is exciting news to all of the Alice fans out there! 

On another note, I'm still slowly but surely getting ready for the benefit/show I have at the end of April. I'm super excited and with each new item I make for the show I realize that it is getting closer. I will keep you all updated on my progress as the days go by. I hope you realize this is also the reason why there is less listing in my Etsy Shop and updating to the FFD website. Regular listing/updating will resume after April 30th. 

Well, I thank you all for your love and support, have a great Monday!

xo Aubree

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