Thursday, March 18, 2010

GNO Progress

As you all know, I have the Girl's Night Out event at the end of April. So when I got sick last week I was really sad because I have so much to do to get ready. I know the most important thing to do is make a lot of inventory for the show. I have about 50 pieces made so far and just wanted to share a few photos of the stock I have to update you on my progress. 

I have about 150 items left to make because my goal is to have at least 200 items by the day of the show. I will be updating you all over the next weeks as I get ready and make more stuff. Hope you enjoy it. <3

I've actually made a lot more since I took these pictures a few days ago, a lot more Alice in Wonderland stuff, so I'm sure I will have more photos for you soon!

xo Aubree


  1. I like your creations!My prefer is ribbon necklace :D

  2. I love those pink round things with the gold bow and chain at the bottom of the last picture... Looks very nice!

  3. Thanks both of you! Those pink ones are beads with glitter and small beads inside, they are pretty right? <3