Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Look Into My Studio

Every week I try to devote at least one day to working in my studio and just being creative. I would love everyday to be studio day for me, but I am still in college full time working to get my degree in Entrepreneurial Studies. Lately though, I have been spending at least an hour in my studio 3 times a week to get ready for the GNO benefit in less than a month!

Last Friday I worked in about 3 hours of studio time just making my delicious polymer clay goodies. I snapped a few pictures when I was almost done just to show you all a little of the behind the scenes.

I use a ceramic tile to work on when I make my polymer clay jewelry. Here you can see some almost finished charms, raw clay, icings, a razor, and liquid clay and glaze. That day I made some waffles, ice cream cones, boba tea charms, and lots of cupcakes!

I think sometimes others do not understand how long it takes to create my tiny faux food jewelry. I put a lot of attention to detail and quality in my charms (not all charms and polymer clay food is created equal). A lot of my charms can take up to an hour each to make!

But I have to say that I have a huge passion for creating tiny charms that make remind me of my childhood and bring back the fun and whimsy of being a girl and always a child at heart.

Look out for an awesome giveaway coming up within the next week. It will be hosted here. 

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the FFD studio!

xo Aubree


  1. HI Aubree! It's always fun to see another crafter's/artist's studio. I wish I had better lighting in my own but since I live in a basement... I gotta get one of those natural light magnifier lamps! :P

    I just wanted to say that the toothpicks on your tile, I use lots of toothpicks too. But two days ago, I impaled my foot when I accidentally stepped on half a toothpick that was lying in the carpet! :O Lol, it's really funny when you think about it haha.

    Anyway what's this GNO benefit that you talk about? :)


  2. I have a studio, but It doesn't have as good of lighting as my kitchen, so I usually work in the kitchen near the window during the day. With the toothpicks, they are so dangerous! I can't tell you how many times I have stepped on them too. So that made me laugh so hard! LOL I also have to be careful with the razor.

    The GNO Benefit, is "Girl's Night Out". It's going to be here where I live at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It's an event for women 21 years and older. They asked me to be a vendor there and part of my proceeds with benefit the charity. It's coming up so quickly and I've been working hard to get ready since I still am in college full time!

    xo Aubree